Polski Stół

The Polish Table is the central interactive installation of the Polish Pavilion in Expo Dubai 2020; a unique work of art created from Polish characteristic raw materials. RAZ was the lead designer along with Science Now and Tellart.

The installation is a mosaic of the Polish landscape. The form comes from the analysis and synthesis of geographical data obtained from the European Union's Earth Observation Programme Copernicus. We took 1000 samples of Polish terrain, with its topography, imperviousness and vegetation, and we analysed, clustered and sorted the data using different machine learning algorithms. The final design consists of 120 representative blocks.

Each block shows a different type of Polish landscape, from cities to nature, from mountains to the coast. The final blocks were fabricated by Ejsak Group in Warsaw with CNC milling machines from locally sourced ash wood, along with the structure that supports them.

The installation also features special modules – original, artistic contributions by leading Polish artists and artisans, ranging from clay and ceramics to glass, yacht-building steel, copper, silver, wood and 3D printed aluminium. Finally, the interactive layer of the table consists of a network of LED lights that are activated through microphones.